What Could a Mobile App do for Your Business?



Streamline Your Processes

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Boost Staff Motivation

Promote Your Offers

Stimulate Customer Engagement

Magnify Your Credibility

Reduce Operating Costs

Generate New Leads

Keep Your Clients Punctual

Open a New Sales Channel

Guide & Educate Your Staff

Keep Your Customers Informed

Eliminate Marketing Friction

Protect Your Reputation

Improve Service Levels

Raise Your Brand Visibility

Optimize Customer Retention

Increase Worker Productivity

Reassure Your Stakeholders

Create Competitive Advantage

Let's Explore the Possibilities Together

We work with businesses across Europe, helping them to adopt mobile technology to improve their productivity and streamline their operations.

Mobile Apps, Built for Business

Creating a successful mobile app is challenging. It requires much more than just getting the technology right (although that's important too).

At Creative Sciences, we believe that the best apps start with a deep and insightful conversation about the client's business goals. Only once we fully understand what you want to achieve for your company can we set about designing and building an app that will deliver on those expectations.

Our developers are business people too, which means that every design decision we take is shaped by how it will affect, not just your app, but your entire business.

Full-Service Mobile Consulting & Development

Mobile Strategy

Every successful mobile venture starts with a clear set of goals and a sound understanding of the steps needed to achieve them.

Working hand-in-hand with your own team, we'll help you to pin down the priorities that are key to your project and then create a robust and realistic plan to accomplish them.


For many clients, discovery is the bridge between a solid strategy and a successful outcome.

Even before you commit to the development phase, a discovery project will give you early-stage design mocks that you can test on your users, offering the reassurance that you're building an app that delivers exactly what your business needs.

App Design & Build

So, you've made the decision to go ahead with a mobile project that could add a new and exciting dimension to your business.

Now's the time to bring on board a creative team with the vision, experience and skills to get the job done.

Team Orientation

Perhaps you already have an inhouse web or desktop development team that you wish to redeploy on your mobile project?

We'll create a tailored "kick start" programme that builds on their existing skills, to get them mobile ready as quickly as possible.

And, once your project is underway, we'll be on-hand to mentor them as they expand their new-found talents.

Code Review

If your mobile project is already in progress, why not get us to audit your codebase before you hand over the next payment?

Leveraging our battle-tested and highly objective quality review procedure, we'll provide the reassureance that your app is built on solid foundations (or alert you to any shortcomings that your developer needs to address).

Project Rescue

Do you have that uneasy feeling that your mobile development project is going off the rails?

There's no time to waste. Get things back on track by calling on a team with the experience to quickly identify the issues and the expertise to effectively remedy them.

Cost-Effective Cross-Platform Solutions

Build Once

Deploy Almost Anywhere

A well-designed cross-platform mobile app can achieve upwards of 80% shared code, while targeting every major OS platform and potentially running on thousands of different device types and form factors.

Home Tech
Rugged Devices

Authorized by Xamarin

Xamarin has set the standard for enterprise mobile development, delivering 100% native apps that reach all major mobile and desktop platforms from a single codebase.

Creative Sciences is a Xamarin Authorized Consulting Partner, with developers trained and accredited by Xamarin. Simply put, we’ll bring you the expertise to get the best out of the world's best mobile development platform.

Why Choose Creative Sciences?

We're not just app builders. We make it our business to understand yours.

We only hire experienced consultants and accredited developers.

Our focus is 100% on mobile projects.

We offer a full suite of services: consulting, design, development & support.

Our iron-clad NDA means that every aspect of your work remains confidential.

We're based in London, but we serve clients across Europe and beyond.

We're obsessive about detail and relentlessly committed to coding standards and industry best practice.

We offer a choice of 3 innovative pricing models, to give you the perfect balance of cost and risk.

We occasionally do pro-bono work to support good causes.

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